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Ventilation system diagnostics
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is widely recognized by prominent independent organizations such as ASTM (D 6245-98) and the US Green Building Council as a proven diagnostic tool for investigating ventilation system performance in large buildings. The following thumbnail case histories illustrate many of the ways the AIRXPERT 7000 has provided value through CO2 monitoring in a wide variety of building types for some years.
Benefit Statements
     VSD-1 Support the commissioning of the ventilation system in a new or renovated building.
     VSD-2 Investigate ventilation system performance in large public buildings where many areas experience wide fluctuations in occupancy.
     VSD-3 Verify that the intended amount of outside air is reaching students in large school buildings with long, branching ductwork.
     VSD-4 Document ventilation system performance over time to establish baseline data for future diagnostic comparison.

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