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Indoor Environmental Quality Assessment
Studies by the EPA, ASHRAE and other independent organizations have confirmed that most IEQ problems stem from inadequate ventilation. In addition to investigating ventilation system performance using CO2, the AIRXPERT 7000 can be equipped with other sensors at a very low cost per monitoring point to support local or building-wide IAQ investigations.
Benefit Statements
     EQ-1 Verify that carbon monoxide (CO) from nearby vehicle exhaust is not infiltrating into occupied areas.
     EQ-2 Document the time, concentrations, duration and indoor distribution patterns of carbon monoxide (CO) from rush hour traffic.
     EQ-3 Document the performance of humidity control systems under varying occupancy loads and weather conditions.
     EQ-4 Verify that energy conservation measures such as replacement of inefficient heating and air conditioning equipment have not compromised IEQ.

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